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The art of learning patience

I realized yesterday that it has been a very long time since I updated this page. A very long time. But it's also been a very unusual few months, hasn't it? Ever the optimist, I've found that I'm learning a lot. Yesterday as I surfed the plethora of Virtual Earth Day celebrations I found Yale's Climate Change Communication program's, climate opinion map. This is a very cool site encouraging us all to talk about climate change - and to take it to the global level, not just the personal. I was struck by how Americans can truly believe in Climate Change and its effects but, simultaneously, not think it will effect them personally. Ouch! It has me re-thinking my own commitments to extend my impact beyond my own recycling/reuse/replace mantra. Am I going far enough? Composting anyone?

Speaking of composting..if you are looking for even more ways to help one another and the planet, check out Project Drawdown's site. There is soooo much there to digest (no puns intended) and so many new ways that my head is bursting with how we can take this opportunity to reflect on, and commit to, a more sustainable world as we emerge from our current conditions.

And Audubon has been holding, every Weds night, their "I saw a bird" series. There has been so much great material each time - from ways to learn about birds, to new migratory patterns, to how to determine the native plants that are right for your zip code (check that out!). You can hear last night's session on their Facebook page. My favorite tip was their link to the Global Weirding youtube channel. I have to check that out later tonight. Isn't it interesting to have so much time for these explorations?

Lastly, I will say that, for me, an upside to all of this mayhem has been the increase in the number of folks willing to put themselves - their research, their art, their music, their hopes and silly ways of staying sane with their families - online. What an incredible breadth there is to humanity! What potential! What creative prowess!

I hope that you, too, are finding ways to make your Covid time peaceful or rewarding or just a respite from your usual pattern. For me, I'm going back to the

loom where my hands and my mind are kept busy and the colors and patterns provide a break from the grays of winter and the somberness of the pandemic.

Be well.



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