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A new summer?

Needlefelt wool framed in 6" embroidery hoop
Pure Michigan 1

I don't know about you, but once vaccinations were a reality, I've been looking forward to summer. To be honest, I've looked forward to summer travel. To seeing friends and family again. To hugging friends and family again. To visit places I love and did without last year.

Don't get me wrong. I realize I was very, very lucky this past year. I got a new hip. And I weathered the pandemic carefully and, apparently, successfully. I was very lucky that family and friends did the same. I recognize how much privilege I have and have had. And I'm still learning since I know that even as I type that previous sentence there is so much I do not know or understand. There's so much I didn't (and still don't) understand about other people's lives. But my own black hole of ignorance is clearer to me now. And it humbles me as I, like so many others, try to emerge from last year renewed, better, stronger, more aware.

Needlefelt wool framed in 4" embroidery hoop
Northside view, 2021

I'm thrilled that the folks who own Port City Emporium in Manistee opened their storefront during the pandemic and have remained fans of my art work. They continue to ask for new work and challenge me to continue my creative practice. I've just sent a number of needlefelt pieces and an armful of cotton towels their way. The towels make me smile. I was going in one direction when I put the warp on the loom but ended up falling in love with the bright yellows and blues. So I call them my Lemonade in the poster quote"When life gives you lemons (my warp), make lemonade!"

Life gave so many people a ton of lemons last year. I don't want to diminish the hardships and tragedies. But I do want to make something better out of the experience. And so I continue to weave and, later this week, I'll be back in the glass studio. I have a lot of ideas that I finally (thank you, pandemic?) had time to work out and will now take more time to execute.

I hope you, too, are able to come into 2021 with your heart and arms open and your burdens, if not lighter, at least more balanced.


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