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And so it begins!!

The folks at Polar Bear International and Frontier North (and other supporters) are getting ready for another active year observing the bears in Churchill Manitoba. They gather there to wait for the ice to freeze hard enough for them to go out into Hudson Bay and start hunting their preferred food - seal. I'm giddy with excitement to be on an cam this season which means that for several weeks I'll have two days a week when I'm on camera looking for and filming any bears that are close to the cam site. Right now we're in training to start formally next week...but the bears don't wait for cams to "go live" - they're live right now and it's been thrilling to see them again this year. It's not the same as being on site in Churchill...but it will do.

If you want to get excited too..check this out. It's from the PBI site, and it's an absolutely fascinating view of "polar bear living" from a collar cam a bear was wearing in 2015 (see it here).

And if, Iike me, you can't wait to learn more...check out the Tundra Connections Schedule by PBI as well as their video on the life of Ursula in this video....The scientists and policy makers are working as hard as ever to understand the life of this magnificant animal and to help all us understand the importance of sustainable living on our shared planet.

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