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The art of color and light

Jack Murray - Saturday Evening Post Cover 1936.

I've been thinking a lot about color and the similarities of glass and fiber, as well as their considerable differences. With my glasswork, I'd only recently begun to understand how much the ambient light of a room might affect my work and then how I could manipulate that if I chose to or needed to. In fiber, I'm still a newbie so I make horrible choices about warp and weft and what might look good together vs what just creates a great brown mush. I know I'll get better as I work with this medium more...but oh heavens.

So offering a beautiful work by Jack Murray (1936) of his polar bear that was on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. Look at all those hues in the bear's ruff! We often forget that one hue ("Blue") is really all the spectra of light...and that it's our brain that pulls it all together. Amazing!

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