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Fall is in the air!

Don't you love Fall? All that crisp air at the change of the season. In the Northern Hemisphere, the leaves are changing to brilliant orange and red, and the light is decreasing each day (reminding us to enjoy! enjoy!). Here in the mid-west we are getting incredibly warm weather (90F yesterday), so the leaves are turning slowly and the light is fading but we're all still walking around in shirt sleeves. So weird.

Holiday Scarf - green, 2019

I find Fall exhilarating. After years of work on a local campus, Fall means the start of new things - a new semester, breaking out the new clothes, switching to new (warmer) drinks, etc. This year, I'm doubly excited. Not only will I be making a "comeback" and selling my work at local holiday craft fairs this year, I'm also hopeful that this Fall will see me on the polar bear cams! We'll be tracking these magnificent animals as they gather in Churchill Manitoba for the sea ice to reform in Hudson's Bay. I've wanted to be a camera operator on this team for years so, fingers-crossed, I may finally have my opening! Oh, happy me!

So as much as I would love to wax on and on about the beauty of writing blog posts, I'd prefer to hear from you about what you love about Fall. You'll find me in the studio working on new weavings (for the FrontPorch Holiday Sale 12/14) and my glass (for HomeGrown at the Cobblestone 12/15). Welcome Fall!

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