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Fire and Ice

Was surprised to hear, last night, that the wildfires are already starting north of Winnipeg and in eastern Manitoba

When we visited in October it appeared to be a land of lakes and, of course, the snow. Authorities are saying Manitoba is well ahead of the average fires (105) this season with 183 on record in 2018. After the devastation in Fort McMurray last year, I think Canadian's are far more aware of the potential damage and injury caused by fire than many of us in the lower 48.

And then there was this from Newfoundland.

Yup, that's snow! In May!

I"m in constant awe of the variations that are going on...right now!..across our planet. Hoping those who have had to evacuate and those who are shoveling find ways to sleep in safe beds with something to eat this weekend. Namaste.

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