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The importance of a good lunch

munchies, 2017

Since going back to work full-time it's been harder to find sequential hours to do my creative work. And as spring has finally exploded it's harder than ever to discipline myself to sit and's finally so pretty out and the weather has been so fine. The birds are returning and having finished work, for a winter sale that's so far away, slides off the priority list without so much as a whisper. But wait! This was a weekend with hours in which to work on *my* work! I can't waste what I've been waiting for - time, time, joyful time!

So first, lunch! And, with protein finally making its way to my neural connections I sat down, breathed the beauty of a spring shower as it crossed through our yard and worked...

Turning this (which I started over a month ago):

working stage one - seaside, 2018

Into this (several hours later):

Seaside, 2018

Super happy with the way this is coming on...and looking forward to finding a beautiful driftwood frame to call this one done.

Ah, the benefits of a power lunch, long quiet hours on a weekend, and a brief entry to the blog. Cheers!

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