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Best intentions

So apparently the new year, as well as the proverbial road to Hades, is truly paved with best intentions. My goal was to compose a blog entry each week, showcasing a piece of work that I had completed that week. But I've already run into a snag. At the end of last week I had to make a choice - finish the work or write the blog? I decided to err on the side of finishing one of the two pieces I had in progress. And so I give to you "Novice piece - blue and red"

novice weaving red/blue stripes

This ~9 yard piece is my first attempt at conceiving a design, warping the loom, weaving and finishing all on my own. I haven't finished yet, but it's off the loom! If you're a weaver, you know what a sense of accomplishment that is.

I'm not sure where this piece is going. It's 100% cotton (10/2) and the smaller pieces were originally intended to be the backgrounds for polar art that would be needle felted or applied on top. But needle felting requires wool...not cotton. So now they feel like placemats and dishcloths! I'm confident their purpose will be clearer once I've finished the hems and washed them all. I have to admit, I'm still a stunned that I can start with yards of "thread" and end up with fabric. There really is a magic in weaving. I present my talk about my Trip to Churchill tomorrow. Once that's over (yes, I still get stage fright), my plan is to get back to my 2nd needle felting piece of the year. Back on the intention trail, my intent is to finish that 2nd piece in time for a post later this week.

Until then, I leave you with a beautiful picture of the northern lights taken over Churchill in 2016.

Churchill northern lights, 2016

(If you want to watch for more lights, don't forget that has a beautiful live website dedicated to just the Aurora )


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