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Helping 25,000 bears

So many people have asked me about how they can help with the Arctic, Churchill and polar bears. Here's one suggestion - if you need to make a donation before the end of the year, consider giving here:

This is the Centre where we stayed during out trip in 2016. I can vouch that they use their resources to support the researchers and the technicians that work, every day, to understand clearly and scientifically, the changes that are happening in the Arctic.

And if you didn't already here it check out the audio of the interview with Dr. Steven Amstrup

He was responding to the disturbing picture of a starving bear that made the social media rounds these past few weeks. As disturbing as the pictures and videos are, Dr. Amstrup is accurate in saying that there is little data about how bears die. So little is known but so little time, perhaps, in which to learn it! That's the catch-22 of our modern world.

And for more data, I found this site while trying *not* to see the starving bear pictures.

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