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First steps for 25thousandbears

Mom with two cubs of the year

Last weekend was the annual craft show that I have participated in for several years. It's the only one I do - because I'm usually too busy and because I find craft shows to be very, very draining. This year, however, I had a renewed purpose. I certainly had a lot of my fused, functional glass for sale. But I also showed my needlefelt work. Including my piece, Cubs of the Year, that was based on the picture at the top of this entry.

I got very positive responses for the work in-and-of-itself and for the 25thousandbear initiative. In addition to the needlefelt work, I sold postcard sets from the photos I took while I was in Churchill. (You can find these sets on my website store if you'd like your own set!)

I continue limited sales in local stores and by commission until the end of the year so I'm not quite done with this year's sales figures. But, at last count, I was euphoric that I've raised over $500 so far to send to Churchill. I'll report on this site at the end of the year when I have a final figure, but for now...I"m very pleased and very grateful! So rather than leave you with a picture of my work, I wanted to leave you with the work of Graham Jones.

Graham is the AZA photographer of the year with this great picture of a mother polar bear and her cub from the Columbus Zoo.

Happy Holidays!!!

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